No. 1 Menopause Journeys

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new spa treatments to address and support the various symptoms associated with the Menopause. As we know, Perimenopause and Menopause are a time of hormonal imbalance bringing with it a myriad of symptoms that can be both uncomfortable and destabilising, leaving many sufferers feeling anxious, stressed and lacking in energy and self-confidence. These symptoms are many, which range from the well-known hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings to the lesser-known ones of anxiety, brain fog, nutritional intolerances, and joint/muscle aches.


90 Minutes  |  €185

Begin with an aromatic massage to the back of the body to alleviate stress and anxiety to help you to unwind. A grounding foot reflex massage anchors you to the present moment whilst a soothing stomach massage eases bloating and aids digestion. A hydration boosting facial helps to cool and calm your skin, with nourishing seaweed eye patches that help to diminish those fine lines and dark circles. This journey ends with a deep scalp massage using rosemary essential oil to help clear the mind. 



75 Minutes  |  €155

Begin with a full body aromatic exfoliation using a lavender & seaweed sugar Scrub which prepares you whole body to be wrapped in a nourishing cocoon of Lavender Body Butter. This scrub and wrap will leaving both body and mind calm and tranquil, as well as leaving the skin looking and feeling truly radiant. While nestled in this cocoon, a cooling and hydrating face and eye mask is applied and as the mask is left to work it’s magic you will enjoy a deep scalp massage using rosemary essential oil to help clear the mind.

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